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Sushi Handroll Snuffle Toy

Sushi Handroll Snuffle Toy

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Our sushi handroll is designed to spark your pets natural instinct to forage. Open & hide treats in folds to reduce pet boredom and stress. Each sushi handroll is Vegan, handmade by us and sewn of super heavy duty upholstery fabric that looks just just like fresh rice! Designed for supervised play only- remove when finished. Machine wash and air dry as needed.
Sushi may vary slightly from photos but they’ll be as adorable and just as fun.

Handmade by us in CA & ready to ship

each bigger than life sized sushi 6.5x6.5” unrolled, 9”x4” rolled

Sewn of:
heavy weight upholstery fabric, fleece, elastic

Not Packaged:
Comes with descriptive hangtag

Here's what some of our customers have said about our toys:

---" Almost all of Nerine's favorite toys are from MisoHandmade. Way cuter than anything you find in pet stores and incredibly well made."

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