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Kitty Croissant

Kitty Croissant

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Cats think these croissants are as yummy as they look! Kitty will gnaw on it, kick it, lick it and of course pose for photos with this life sized croissant toy.  VEGAN ORGANIC

Handmade & ready to ship

5" x 3 " x 2.5"

Sewn of:
fleece, certified organic catnip, fiber fill

Packaged in:
clear acetate sleeve with topper

We hand cut and sew each croissant toy out of layered fleece and fill them with over 1/4 cup of organic catnip and add fiber fill to give each a lovely pouffiness and dimensionality just like a real croissant!

These are handmade and the fleece we use is mottled so the detailing on the croissant you receive will be slightly different than the photo. Just like their real counterparts, each is unique!

We use a super potent certified organic catnip that is grown in the USA.
Here's what some of our customers have said about our certified organic catnip:

---"The mail comes through a slot in our door and by the time I got home from work my cat had already made his way through the envelope, the pretty wrapping and started chewing through the box to get to these lovely little catnip peeps! I decided to go ahead and give him one and he has not stopped playing with it since."

---"My cats loved this kick stick and the other toys I purchased from miso handmade. High quality cat nip that kitties love and adorable toys I don't mind strew around my house.!"

---"My cats are already swarming around, rubbing their heads on everything and rolling and meowing for "whatever's in that box!"

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