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Catnip Strawberry Toys

Catnip Strawberry Toys

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This set of 3 Catnip Berries will amuse catnip addicted cats for hours but the very best thing about these little toys is the fun you'll have watching them bat, chase, grip and bite them!  VEGAN ORGANIC

ea berry is approx 2" x 2"

Sewn of:
fleece, embroidery floss ,organic catnip, fiber fill

Packaged in:
s/3 in clear cellophane sleeve with descriptive topper

Since these are handmade, the detailing on the set you receive will be slightly different than the samples in the photos but rest assured your toys will be just as cute.  

Choose : All chocolate, Mix chocolate and white chocolate or Choc white and pink mix.If no choice is made at checkout, we will surprise you.


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