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Catnip Kraken

Catnip Kraken

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These giant sized (13”!) catnip octopus legs are stretchy and they twist, crunch and jiggle with each pounce, grab, bite, hug and bunny kick. Since these are handmade in small batches, the detailing and fabrics on the toy you receive will be different than the exact ones in the photo but rest assured yours will be just as fun!  VEGAN ORGANIC

13”x 2”

Sewn of Vegan materials:
Colorful fleece, vegan felt, elastic, crinkle material, organic catnip

Choose (outer color): Mixed Blues, Mixed Purples, Mixed Prints, or Surprise Me!
Surprise Me may include any color or any style. If no choice is made at checkout, we will surprise you. (Inside & tentacle colors will vary.)

Unpackaged, comes with a descriptive paper band

Handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area

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