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Extra Crispy Catnip Pizza

Extra Crispy Catnip Pizza

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Who can resist a slice of our catnip pizza...especially one that is extra crispy and full of catnip! This slice of fun is handmade of vegan materials, filled with drool worthy organic catnip and a delightful crunch material to inspire your cat to perform death defying antics as he chases and crunches and loves on his very own handmade slice of fun!  Each package contains one slice.  VEGAN ORGANIC

5" x 3.25"

Sewn of:
vegan fleece, organic catnip and crinkle material

Just Pepperoni or With Olives

Packaged in:
clear sleeve with descriptive topper

Handmade and ready to ship from the San Francisco Bay Area

Each slice is fully sewn of super durable fleece and features slices of pepperoni and is available with or without embroidered olives. Crinkle material added inside makes for extra crispy kitty fun!

Since each is handmade, your slice may be slightly different than the slices in the photos, but rest assured it will be just as adorable and certainly as fun!

We use a super potent catnip that is made in the USA. Here's what some of our customers have said about our certified organic catnip toys:

---"The mail comes through a slot in our door and by the time I got home from work my cat had already made his way through the envelope, the pretty wrapping and started chewing through the box to get to these lovely little catnip toys! I decided to go ahead and give him one and he has not stopped playing with it since."

---"My cats absolutely go bonkers for these!!"

---"Wow -- Gus (our pride and joy) LOVED your medicated treats! He's normally only so-so with cat-nip..."

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