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Assorted Fabric Cat Toy Kickers

Assorted Fabric Cat Toy Kickers

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These catnip toys are perfect for cats who are tired of the same old plastic balls and cheap mouse toys and who love to hug and bunny kick! These toys will not only keep kitty entertained, the mod styling will look great in your home. Best of all, your cat will love playing with our Organic Catnip Kickers and you'll feel good about buying handmade. This listing is for a random printed fabric kicker and may not be a kicker as shown in the photos.  VEGAN ORGANIC

10"x 1.5" w/ additional 4” of fleece fringe

Sewn of:
assorted upholstery and home decor fabrics, organic catnip, fiberfill & colorful fleece

Has a cigar band style paper wrap around it's midsection

Handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area

Each is handmade and stuffed with over 1/4 cup of high potency, certified organic catnip layered with fiber fill.
Since these are handmade, the detailing on the kickers you receive may be slightly different than the ones in the photo but rest assured yours will be just as fun!

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